Theme nights all season long

At Camping de l’Océan, our entire team is here to make sure your days and evenings are filled with fun.

Our theme meals

You will be able to enjoy our Mussels and French fries meal, a must in the Vendée, which all our campers love and which you will find at all Vnaya Village campsites.

The American evening will also be news, enjoy a burger formula, hot dogs, donuts … everything you need to feel American.

Animated evenings for the little ones

For the children, we will have the mini-disco which will be proposed in the week for the biggest pleasure of the parents, it will be the occasion to leave the cameras so that each one can leave with an exceptional memory which you will want to look at the following years.

Evening events

For the older ones, it will be team games, blind test, karaoke, and of course the holiday show, the best moment of the week where it will not be us, but YOU who will be the actors of the evening. Come and share your talents, dancers, singers, comedians, or simply the desire to get on stage for a good laugh with friends. This will be your moment and especially the moment when the memories will be the most memorable.

After each show, it will be the occasion to dance on the dance floor in order to finish the evening in beauty where conviviality and good mood will be the key words.

Would you like to book your family stay at our 4-star L’Océan campsite in Saint-Jean-de-Monts?